BioAffix-PalmGuide-Touchless ücretsiz-değişim kampanyası başladı

We replace the BioAffix® PalmGuide Touchless with the previous BioAffix® PalmGuide positioning units developed to minimize the contact and meet the hygienic identity verification requirement arising from Covid-19 pandemic worldwide.

Thanks to BioAffix PalmGuide Touchless, you will be able to perform touchless and sterile biometric verification processes in your company. BioAffix PalmGuide Touchless, designed for all hand types, has the ability to verify palm vein information from a distance of 2-4 cm successfully. You can easily use BioAffix PalmGuide Touchless in desktop areas and turnstiles. You can use it safely for a long time thanks to its eco-friendly and impact-resistant material. Additionally, you can use BioAffix PalmGuide Touchless fully compatible with all BioAffix product family devices.

Bring Your BioAffix® Gate Extreme Devices Touchless Authentication Capability

With the BioAffix PalmGuide Touchless replacement also valid for palm positioning units used in BioAffix Gate Extreme biometric access control devices, you can give your devices touchless verification feature. BioAffix Gate Extreme devices with BioAffix PalmGuide Touchless, are more hygienic now.

Contact with Ones Technology to replace your BioAffix PalmGuide devices for free.

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