Secure IO Plus 422 geliştirildi

BioAffix Secure I/O Plus 422, a secure I/O hardware, which enables all devices using the Wiegand communication protocol to perform with OSDP V2 communication protocol without altering the existing cabling infrastructure has been developed.

BioAffix Secure I/O Plus 422 which enables card readers and access control devices with low-secure Wiegand infrastructure to be used with high-secure OSDP V2 infrastructure has been developed with the aim of all control being managed with high-secure communication infrastructure. Thanks to its secure I/O hardware supporting all the security features of OSDP V2, BioAffix I/O Plus 422 can be utilized by connection in parallel up to 32 pieces.

BioAffix Secure I/O 422 with its rail mounting feature, 4 inputs, 2 outputs, and 2 Wiegand input support communicates with the BioAffix Gate Force device through OSDP V2 protocol by collecting all the connections of the existing system connected to the 1-2 ports.

Why OSDP V2?

OSDP V2 protocol with AES-128 encryption standard offers high-security features against a possible cyber attack. AES-128, a symmetric-key encryption algorithm, is protected against all attack methods for traditional infrastructures such as Wiegand. The utilization of OSDP V2 protocol is progressively widening due to the fact that it provides communication possibilities up to 1200 meters and the cabling costs are low. OSDP protocol offering user-centered access control enables addressing up to 126 pieces from a single line. Another important feature of the OSDP protocol is that it can control all devices at certain time intervals in the ecosystems where more than one device such as a card reader, face recognition device, or peripheral device connected to this protocol can perform. Moreover, it enables the system to continue operating securely by getting the devices that do not respond to the sent inquiry package cut off.

The Advantages of Secure I/O Hardware BioAffix Secure I/O Plus 422

BioAffix Secure I/O Plus 422 with its 4 inputs and 4 outputs can be managed with BioAffix Management, a central management application of BioAffix product family devices. You can control all inputs and outputs of BioAffix Secure I/O Plus 422 with the activity scenarios you will create completely tailored to your organization’s needs. While the BioAffix Secure I/O Plus 422 device can be mounted in cabinets and fuse boxes smoothly thanks to its height of less than 1U (23 mm), you can also locate it at any desired location according to your aim of use through a DIN ray connection. You can control doors, turnstiles, buttons, magnetic locks, cabinets, monitoring contacts, sensors and alarms, fire notifications and sabotage alarms thanks to its internal connection interfaces with BioAffix Secure I/O Plus 422, which can manage all devices that can receive dry contacts.

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