BioAffix®<br>Secure I/O Slim<span style="font-size:25px;">Secured Communication Module</span>

Secure I/O Slim
Secured Communication Module

BioAffix® Secure I/O Slim is a secured communication module specially developed for the cabinet security required by data centers, which gives input/output features to the hardware of the BioAffix® identity verification product family and controls the contact receiving devices.

Data Center Security is Under Your Control

Data centers are secured end to end thanks to the BioAffix Product Family!

You can control all desired devices receiving contact thanks to 8 inputs and 8 outputs existing on it. Besides, you can control up to 128 inputs/128 outputs from a single point by connecting 16 pieces of Secure I/O Slim in parallel.

You can leave the control of the cabinet to the communication module in the secured area, and you can perform user-based authorization quickly and easily through the capabilities of the BioAffix product family thanks to its structure suitable for cabinet mounting of 1U height.

Encrypted Communication

BioAffix Secure I/O offers a secured operation against all types of attacks such as removing and/or replacing the device and listening to the communication by external devices thanks to the encrypted communication protocol between BioAffix Gate devices and BioAffix Secure I/O.

Smart Control Panel

All entries and exits can be controlled by a single interface thanks to BioAffix Management software.

Short Circuit Protection

BioAffix Secure I/O Slim is protected against short-circuits that may occur in the devices powered by it thanks to its external power source.

Manage Cabinet Doors

BioAffix Secure I/O Slim, developed especially for cabinet security, can control all the areas on a cabinet through 8 inputs and 8 outputs on it. You can get information that the cabinet doors are open thanks to its monitoring feature.

Usage Areas of BioAffix Secure I/O Slim

BioAffix Secure I/O Slim can securely operate together with all devices receiving dry contact. In this way, BioAffix Secure I/O Slim with a vast usage area maximizes your security in many areas you need.




Magnetic Locks



Monitoring Contacts


Easy Configuration Through Activity Workflows

You can control the BioAffix Secure I/O Slim device, which can be connected to BioAffix Gate products, with the BioAffix management central management application of BioAffix products. You can configure all entries and exits through activity workflows within the needs of your organization.

Central Management with Smart Control Panel

You can manage all inputs and outputs of BioAffix Secure I/O Slim from a single point thanks to BioAffix Management central management application.

Discover the Technical Features of BioAffix Secure I/O Slim

Take a closer look at its technical features with enhanced hardware architecture.

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