Get Ready to Meet the Capabilities of BioAffix Management


You can manage all user management and access control processes in your organization through BioAffix Management which is a central management application.


You can add, arrange, and erase all users in your organization through the user interface of BioAffix Management.


You can prepare detailed reports about access control processes of all access control points through BioAffix Management using any desired special filters.

Customizable Reporting

You can create and manage customizable reports thanks to the advanced reporting interface of BioAffix Management. Detailed reports can be created in a fast and easy way by defining the parameters you need.

Track the Reports through E-Mail

All the reports created with BioAffix are forwarded to authorized users you defined through e-mail. Therefore, you can control the created reports anytime you desire with your mobile phone.

Designed for the Security of Your Organization

Features of BioAffix Management

Manage departments and users and prepare detailed reports. Discover all administrative features of BioAffix Management.

Access Control Capabilities

You can manage all access control processes in your organization through BioAffix Management, central management application.

Integration Capabilities

You can use superior integration capabilities of BioAffix Management without altering your infrastructure.

Investigate the Features of BioAffix® Managemenet

Take a closer look at the features making your central administrative  processes easier.

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