Features of BioAffix® Management

Discover all the features of BioAffix Management making your central administrative processes easier.

Detailed Reporting

You can prepare detailed reports through BioAffix Management about users assigned in organizations, visitors, areas, and access report.

Custom Field Support

Information fields such as blood type, weight and height and service information which can be standardized for users can be used with BioAffix Management.

Visitor Management is Easier than Ever

Visitor Access Control

Control access points, time intervals, and any other information of people visiting to your organization.

Visitor Companion Management

You can assign a companion to your visitors for the places requiring access with companion.

Visitor Inventory Logs

You can register all the belongings of visitors.

Visit Duration Management

You can arrange visitor access authorization as time-based.

Visit Card Management

You can use card infrastructure used in your organization for your visitors.

Access Visit Logs

Access visit information of the visitor can be registered and re-listed.

User Authorization

You can create user groups for all the users in your organization or you can perform individual authorization procedures.

Biometric in Card

BioAffix Management performs in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law (KVKK) by writing the biometric data of your employees working in the organization on their smart cards.

User Management

You can perform new logs, update, disenrollment, and more from one point for all the users in your organization through BioAffix Management, central management application.

Capabilities of BioAffix Management Are Not So Limited

Discover the Integration Capabilities of BioAffix Management

Take a closer look at access control capabilities enhanced by users, areas and devices

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