Discover The New Administrative
Features of BioAffix Management

BioAffix Management offers functional management features with much more performance now through its enhanced new features and .NET 6 infrastructure. Discover its features such as user, field, time, access control method, and many other new features.

Tubitak AKIS Support

BioAffix Management offers high-security features thanks to the local and domestic smart card operating system, Tübitak AKIS, which has an EAL security certificate and was developed by TÜBİTAK.

Personal Information Can Be Obscured Now

The personal information of the users who have access through the BioAffix Gate product family can be obscured now. Therefore, you can manage the access processes in your institution completely in accordance with The Law On The Protection Of Personal Data and General Data Protection Regulation.

Higher Performance Thanks To .Net 6 Infrastructure

Administrative tools of BioAffix Management developed with the .Net 6 framework are now much faster and have higher performance.

UTC Support

It can show the number of registered people and visitors instantly. You can display the number of insiders in any field by connecting your BioAffix device to an external monitor. Besides, it is not allowed for new people to have access when the maximum number of insiders has reached thanks to the “Full Field”.

Authorization Copying Feature

You can easily copy the authorization of the users to other users. Therefore, you can perform all authorization processes in a fast and easy way without the need for authorization of the users one by one.

Number of People Inside and Space Occupied Feature

BioAffix Management can promptly exhibit the count of registered individuals and visitors within the custom fields you've established. You have the flexibility to showcase the number of insiders whenever needed by linking your BioAffix device to an external monitor. Additionally, the “Filled Field” feature prevents new individuals from gaining access when the maximum capacity is reached.

Customizable Theme

Recently, a theme-forming feature was added to the BioAffix devices according to the field and their location. Therefore, you can use your devices by creating different themes for the fields and their locations.

OSDP V2 Update

OSDP communication infrastructure which has higher security features with respect to the conventional communication protocols has been updated to V2, its current and more secure version. OSDP V2 infrastructure will keep you secure thanks to the increased security, bidirectional communication, and low costs.

GPS Supported Verification

BioAffix Gate Handheld touchless card reader and GPS-supported verification feature were also added to the structure of BioAffix Management.

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