BioAffix Gate Vision

Smart-card-supported, 3D face recognition device with an infrared depth perception.

BioAffix Gate Vision is a biometric face recognition device equipped with a 3D camera and depth sensor

What is BioAffix Gate Vision?

BioAffix Gate Vision is an access control system that enables a high-secured face recognition process swiftly and securely thanks to the depth perception camera. BioAffix Gate Vision can verify the users’ face biometric data by combining it with a very special neural network through an algorithm that is impossible to cheat.

With its 3D camera, BioAffix Gate Vision can quickly and securely verify facial biometrics
The 3D camera module of BioAffix Gate Vision

Advanced 3D Camera

BioAffix Gate Vision can scan the users’ biometric data under any circumstances thanks to an infrared enlightening unit on it. BioAffix Gate Vision processes the image obtained by the infrared sensor with an artificial intelligence infrastructure. Thus, distinguishing features such as hair, beard, glasses, etc. which vary between people do not affect the verification processes. Besides, you can make verification outdoors thanks to its waterproof structure.

Wide View Angle Verification Feature

BioAffix Gate Vision can swiftly verify people of a height between 120 cm and 190 cm from a distance of 55 cm thanks to its wide view angle camera. Thus, BioAffix Gate Vision offers a swift and highly secure access control experience for people in crowded fields.

Side view of the device casing and camera of BioAffix Gate Vision

Impossible to Cheat

With its 3D camera and infrared sensor hardware, BioAffix Gate Vision, which transforms a person's facial biometric data into a unique algorithmic dataset, brings all attempts down to cheat BioAffix Gate Vision.

Enhanced Card Reader That Can Read All Types of Smart Cards

Thanks to the internal card reader module of BioAffix Gate Vision, you can read all types of commonly used smart cards. Thus, you can use BioAffix Gate Vision for your access control process without altering anything in your existing smart card infrastructure.

Thanks to its built-in card reader module, BioAffix Gate Vision can read nearly all commonly used smart cards

Countless Talents

Just focus on the security in your organization thanks to innovative architecture of BioAffix Gate Vision.


Flexible System Architecture

It can meet all the access control requirements thanks to its software architecture developed only by focusing on requirements.

Ability to Self-Work

BioAffix Gate Smart can self-work and thus perform transition processes through the information existing in its internal memory independent from BioAffix OneServer.

Cyber Security Integration

It has been designed for your cyber security with its security measures in NATO standards.

API Support

You can integrate BioAffix Gate Extreme through API support into your own applications

Convenience Features

Discover the usage areas of BioAffix Gate Vision equipped with superior security capabilities



Crowded areas such as schools, universities, and institutive campuses



Transit procedures for passengers and airplane staff



Transit procedures for port staff



Tracking for students and staff


Data Center

Cabinet door management for server security


Staff Tracking Systems

Staff attending track for institutive corporations

Discover the Capabilities of BioAffix® Gate Vision

Take a closer look at its high-secured administrative properties

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