High Secured Central Identity Verification Server

Your data are always secured thanks to BioAffix OneServer providing security against all known attacks

What is BioAffix® OneServer?

BioAffix OneServer is a high-level security central identity verification software used for the entire BioAffix product family, which supports the communication of devices with the database with a double-layer SSL tunnel and Mul-Sec communication protocol.

How Works?

BioAffix OneServer enables the information about registration, verification, or update processes performed by the BioAffix product family to transfer on a secured communication protocol during synchronization with the database.

Ease of Integration

BioAffix OneServer can be integrated easily with Active Directory, Web Service, SYSLOG, and other database software used by many businesses and institutions.

Supports all Biometric Technologies

BioAffix OneServer can perform together with palm vein, fingerprint, finger vein, face recognition, and, iris recognition.

Scheduled Assignments

You can ensure that your routine operations are performed automatically thanks to the scheduled tasks of BioAffix OneServer. Many administrative processes such as database backup, log backup, and more can be performed automatically thanks to scheduled tasks.

Enhanced Database Management

Backup and restore processes can be performed, database logs can be controlled, and reports can be created thanks to the database management features of BioAffix OneServer equipped with HSM (Hardware Security Module) security technology.

Planned Database Backup

Eliminate a possible data loss problem thanks to the planned database backup feature of BioAffix OneServer. Prevail all the information about the database backups made by BioAffix OneServer at specified intervals.

Biometric and Card Reader Management

You can manage biometric access control and card reader devices from the BioAffix product family through BioAffix OneServer. Additionally, you can continue using your existing smart card structure by integrating it with BioAffix OneServer.

Discover the Security Features of BioAffix® OneServer

Take a closer look at the highly secured administrative features of BioAffix OneServer

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