It is Designed Completely for Strong Security

Contactless Card Reader With 7" Touchscreen Take a closer look to strong security features and functional structure of BioAffix® Gate Smart with 7 inches of touchscreen and its internal card reader on it.


Small Size, High Performance

Facilitate your administrative processes while taking high-level security measures with BioAffix Gate Smart, the world's most advanced contactless card reader and 7-inches touch screen access control solution.

You can form timetables for users and visitors or define private timetables for each user.

You can form timetables for users and visitors or define private timetables for each user.

BioAffix Gate Smart can record unlimited numbers of logs theorugh its internal 128 GB SSD storage area.

BioAffix Gate Smart can read almost all the high and low frequency cards commonly existing in the market thanks to internal antenna support on it.


New Generation Protocol: OSDP V2

BioAffix CardReader Wall can provide encrypted communication integrated with access control infrastructures thanks to its OSDP V2 (Open Supervised Device Protocol) support.

Wiegand Integration

You can perform your transition control procedures through BioAffix Gate Smart without altering your existing Wiegand connection infrastructure. In this way, you can benefit from all the features offered by BioAffix Gate Smart with your existing Wiegand infrastructure.

BioAffix Gate Smart Can Show Its Advanced Abilities in Every Field

You can use the abilities of BioAffix Gate Smart at any point of your organization.

Turnstile Mounting

You can use BioAffix Gate Smart in turnstiles existing in your organization through its special fabricated apparatus.

Surface Mounting

You can use BioAffix Gate Smart as desired in all closed areas in your organization.

Thanks to its camera with a 170-degree field of view, BioAffix Gate Smart records access operations.

128 Inputs and 128 Outputs Features

BioAffix Gate Smart can have 128 inputs and 128 outputs when integrated to BioAffix® Secure I/O. Therefore, BioAffix Gate Smart gains the ability to manage the processes of input and output, gets information from the peripheral devices ad controls them.

Countless Talents

Just focus on the security of your organization thanks to the innovative architectural infrastructure of BioAffix Gate Smart.


Flexible System Architecture

It can meet all the access control requirements thanks to its software architecture developed only by focusing on requirements.

Ability to Self-Work

BioAffix Gate Smart can self-work and thus perform transition processes through the information existing in its internal memory independent from BioAffix OneServer.

Cyber Security Integration

BioAffix Gate Smart can gather up software and system security and physical security systems integrated with cyber security software.

API Support

You can manage your central administrative processes remotely through API support of BioAffix Gate Smart.

The Capabilities of BioAffix Gate Smart Will Keep Your Organization Secured

Unlimited Users

You can perform central user management process for unlimited number of users.

Unlimited Log

All the processes performed by users and devices are recorded with unlimited number of logs.

Time Management

You can direct the time for user management through access process in your organization.

Remote Management

You can manage all administrative features of BioAffix Gate Smart without leaving your computer.

Regional Management

By dividing your organization into regions, you can perform different authorization procedures for each region.

Multifunctional Verification

You can choose the appropriate card and biometric verification options for your organization.


Discover the Capabilities of BioAffix® Gate Smart

Take a closer look at the management capabilities of BioAffix Gate Smart

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