BioAffix® Gate Power V2
The New Station of Access Control Security

BioAffix® Gate Power V2 is a physical access control system that can operate in all infrastructures thanks to its OSDP V2 connection feature. With the integration capabilities of BioAffix Gate Power V2, you can utilize all its features without altering your existing infrastructure.

BioAffix®  Gate Power V2<span style="display:block; font-weight:600; font-size:24px;margin-top:20px; line-height: 1.3em">The New Station of Access Control Security</span>

What is BioAffix® Gate Power V2?

You can easily integrate BioAffix Gate Power V2 with the existing access control infrastructure and readers actively used in your corporation. Therefore, you can utilize all the features of BioAffix Gate Power V2 without any additional infrastructure or operational costs. From a single access point to large areas with complex and multiple access points, you can use BioAffix Gate Power V2 to meet all your security and access control needs of any size. It offers the flexibility to customize the security level in areas where you aim to provide access control.

Why BioAffix® Gate Power V2?

BioAffix Gate Power is a physical access control system designed to meet all your evolving needs. With comprehensive physical connectivity features, it can provide service with a high-security OSDP V2 connection interface. It has a wide range of applications thanks to its ability to support all biometric types and smart card features.


BioAffix Gate Power V2 gives authorization for access by verifying identity according to the information obtained from all readers and sensors on the turnstiles.


Compatible for mounting in the cabinets. It manages access control security independently when mounted inside the cabinet together with BioAffix Gate Secure I/O Plus 1632.


It verifies identities using biometric sensors or card readers located on the installed doors and allows authorized individuals to pass through.

Devices Controllable with BioAffix® Gate Power V2

With BioAffix Gate Power V2, which combines BioAffix Secure I/O Plus 1632 and BioAffix Gate Force Mini, security is at your fingertips.

BioAffix Gate Power V2, which can securely operate with all devices that can receive dry contacts, enhances security to the highest level in various fields where needed thanks to its wide range of applications.




Magnetic Locks



Monitoring Contacts


Your Data are Kept by Encryption Through TPM

Thanks to the TPM (Trusted Platform Module) module integrated internally into the BioAffix Gate Power V2, your data is always recorded in an encrypted way in NATO standards. In case of an attack on the device's storage area, the encrypted data cannot be deciphered in any meaningful way. Consequently, even if unauthorized physical access is gained to the device's storage area, all the data within will appear as a meaningless set of information.

Easy Installation and Service Provision

To facilitate the mounting of access control system equipment in areas utilizing the OSDP infrastructure, the OSDP distributor integrated into BioAffix® Gate Power V2, known as BioAffix® Secure I/O Plus Terminal B32, enables savings in installation and service costs.

The double cover structure of BioAffix Gate Power V2 facilitates easy installation and wiring processes

Double Cover Design

It has a dual-cover structure, with the rear cover facilitating quick mounting and the front cover providing ease of service and maintenance. BioAffix® Gate Power V2 enhances operational efficiency with its dual-cover design, allowing for structural movement.

The front view of BioAffix Gate Power V2

Status Indicator

The LED panel provides information about the device's operation status and performance without the need to open the cover.

The ventilation channels inside BioAffix Gate Power V2 allow easy dissipation of hot air to the outside of the casing.

Temperature Control and Climatization

It automatically maintains temperature conditions at an appropriate level with a thermostat and fan support that offer automatic climatization. The fan located at the bottom provides air circulation within the panel, allowing hot air to escape through the upper air ducts.

Ease of Use and Integration

BioAffix Gate Power V2 has been enhanced with advanced integration capabilities and user-friendly features for ease of use. 

Serial Port Connection

It supports 4 separate RS485 serial port connections thanks to the serial port interfaces it has.

LED Indicator

With LED indicators, you can observe the communication on all 4 serial ports connected at once.

Power Control

BioAffix® Secure I/O Plus Terminal B32 allows you to manage the power and data transfer of peripheral devices from a single point.

It is easily integrated with Peripheral Devices

It meets the need for secure entry/exit in areas requiring multiple verification points. With its RS485, RS232, and USB connection interfaces, it can easily be integrated with all peripheral devices. 

New Generation Protocol: OSDP V2

BioAffix® Gate Power V2 seamlessly integrates with access control infrastructures thanks to its support for OSDP V2 (Open Supervised Device Protocol). The encrypted OSDP V2 infrastructure, widely used in modern security setups at critical organizations, ensures top-level security.

Ability to Continue to Self-Working

Thanks to its built-in 64 GB SSD disk, the device can continue its daily operations smoothly even if the connection with the server is lost. This ensures that your corporation always remains secure.

Encrypted Communication

Thanks to the encrypted communication protocol provided by the OSDP V2 infrastructure between BioAffix® Gate Power V2 and BioAffix® Secure I/O Plus 1632, it ensures secure protection against all intrusion attempts, such as device removal, replacement with another device, or interception of the communication with external devices.

Smart Control Panel

BioAffix® Management management software allows for centralized control of all entries and exits through a single interface.

Short Circuit Protection

BioAffix® Secure I/O Plus Distributor device is protected against short circuits that may occur in devices powered by it, thanks to its dual power supply.

Manageable from a Single Center

BioAffix® Gate Power V2's advanced features can be controlled using the BioAffix® Management centralized management application. This allows you to remotely manage all the features of the BioAffix® Gate Power V2 device without leaving your location.

Fire and Sabotage Alarm

You can easily make connections and integrate with building automation systems using the customized inputs for fire and sabotage alarms offered by BioAffix® Secure I/O 1632.

Configuration Features Through Special Scenarios

Through BioAffix® Management, the central management program of the BioAffix product family, you can configure all input/output units on the BioAffix® Secure I/O Plus 1632 on the BioAffix Gate Power V2 according to the custom scenarios you define.

BioAffix® Gate Power V2’nin Bileşenlerini İnceleyin

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BioAffix® Secure I/O Plus
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Discover the Technical Features of BioAffix® Gate Power V2

Take a closer look at its technical features with enhanced hardware architecture.

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