Ergonomic Palm Positioning Unit

BioAffix PalmGuide is a palm positioning unit designed for Fujitsu PalmSecure® that can be used on a desktop or can be mounted on a turnstile.

What is BioAffix PalmGuide?

BioAffix PalmGuide which can be used with PalmSecure sensors is a palm positioning unit designed ergonomically for users to position their palms most correctly during biometric identity verification.

Best Positioning

BioAffix PalmGuide Foldable positions the palms of the users in the best way for easy and successful verification.


BioAffix PalmGuide Foldable can be used without deformation for long-term utilization thanks to its environment-friendly and impact-resistant structure.

Modular Structure

BioAffix PalmGuide can be mounted on turnstiles or can be used on desktop areas in your organization.

Designed for Successful Verifications

Biometric verification processes are being carried out simply and swiftly thanks to BioAffix PalmGuide designed for each type of hand. Users can verify their identity with biometrics thanks to the PalmSecure biometric sensor integrated with BioAffix PalmGuide.

Finger Positioning Area

The finger positioning area located on BioAffix PalmGuide provides biometric data to be read from the same point in each verification process. In this way, biometric vein information obtained from the palm of the user is read from one point and verification is swiftly carried out.

Wrist Positioning Area

Users can position their hands on the sensor in an ergonomic way and biometric verification processes can be carried out in the fastest and most accurate way thanks to the wrist positioning area located at the backside of BioAffix PalmGuide designed for the verification of biometric palm vein information swiftly and with high accuracy.

Wrist Positioning Area

BioAffix PalmGuide can be used together with all BioAffix family security products.


BioAffix PalmGuide provides biometric data of the users to be registered in a swift and secured way.

BioAffix® Gate Extreme​

BioAffix PalmGuide internally exists on BioAffix Gate Extreme devices and provides an identity verification process to be impeccable.

On Turnstiles

BioAffix PalmGuide seems like a part of the turnstile thanks to its secret screw sockets providing it to fit on the turnstile perfectly.


Discover the Technical Features of BioAffix PalmGuide

Take a closer look at the technical features of BioAffix PalmGuide developed for successful verifications

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