BioAffix Management TAMS

Centralized management application with advanced features for employee attendance tracking and time management

BioAffix Management TAMS is an application designed for professional businesses to manage personnel attendance tracking and time management.

Generate Customizable Reports

Thanks to BioAffix Management TAMS, you can easily manage employees' entry-exit information, entitlements and deductions, overtime, leaves, and much more through fully customizable reports tailored to your preferences.

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Shift Management is Now Much Easier

BioAffix Management TAMS keeps track of shift records for personnel working in different shifts during the same period. This facilitates monitoring between which time intervals employees will be working.

Save Time with Mass Shift Assignment

You can save time by assigning mass shifts to all employees in your organization thanks to BioAffix Management TAMS's mass shift assignment feature.

The Shift Assignment with Excel File Feature

You can easily perform mass shift assignment operations with the Excel extension shift file prepared for BioAffix Management TAMS.

Put an End to Complexity with Custom Fields

Thanks to BioAffix's standout capability, the Custom Field Addition feature, you can prevent all potential errors in shift scheduling within BioAffix Management TAMS by defining each custom field. Therefore, you can easily track shift schedules across multiple locations of your business from a single point.

Advanced Search and Filtering Feature

Thanks to the advanced search feature of BioAffix Management TAMS, you can filter and search for personnel, leave, shift, overtime, and all other categories. Additionally, by including previously defined custom field information in the filtering process, you can access pinpoint results tailored to your needs.

Authorization by Department

With BioAffix Management TAMS, offering flexible authorization features for businesses and organizations, you can set access permissions specific to HR departments. By defining these access permissions, you can efficiently manage personnel transactions and generate detailed reports regarding these transactions.

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