Security Features of BioAffix® OneServer

Enjoy security thanks to the HSM module and Mul-Sec layer

Double-layered SSL Tunnel

BioAffix OneServer performs communications with all software through a double-layered SSL (Secure Socket Layer) tunnel. In this way, communication between the devices becomes impossible to pursue. This secured communication between the database and software is supported with the features of “Package Time Stamp” and “Digital Certificate Verification”.

High Security with HSM Module

All personal information such as identity, biometrics, and access information can be written to and read from the database in an encrypted way thanks to the integration of BioAffix OneServer with HSM (Hardware Security Module). All data to be used by the BioAffix product family for access and verification processes become impossible to be listened to and read from outside, by going through advanced, up-to-date, and high-security cryptography processes during the writing and reading. In this way, encrypted data with HSM cannot be read by a third person including IT staff under any circumstances.

All personal data between OneServer and BioAffix devices is encrypted using a Hardware Security Module (HSM) before being written to the database

Protection with Mul-Sec Layer

All connections provided between BioAffix OneServer and BioAffix devices are carried out on an encrypted communication protocol thanks to the Mul-Sec (Multi-Layer Secure Communication) double-layered security tunnel developed by Ones Technology. In this way, data traffic between the device and the server becomes secured such that it cannot be read or written.

Active-Active Working Feature

BioAffix OneServer prevents data loss and continuously provides data transfer by communicating more than one database independently located in different locations.

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