Integration Capabilities of BioAffix® OneServer

Explore the easy and solution-creating integration features of BioAffix OneServer

Behold BioAffix OneServer With Its Integration Capabilities

Advanced synchronization features make BioAffix OneServer for any infrastructure.

Unlimited User Support

You can actively use the desired number of BioAffix product family devices by synchronizing it with BioAffix OneServer if required.

Easy Integration

BioAffix OneServer can easily be integrated with Active Directory, Web Servis, SYSLOG, and databases thanks to its enhanced integration capabilities.

Easy Integration

You can manage all BioAffix products connected to BioAffix OneServer in separate modules and configure each device individually.

Special Synchronization

You can actively use BioAffix OneServer by integrating it into existing ERP software and access control systems in your organization. In this way, you can use BioAffix OneServer without altering anything in the existing infrastructure of your organization.

Card Reader Module

You can use BioAffix OneServer by identifying any desired magnetic card thanks to its Wiegand and OSDP V2 support.

Database Backup

BioAffix OneServer prevents a possible data loss by creating a “Scheduled Backup Duties” for any databases on which it operates. BioAffix OneServer will automatically perform database backup operations as long as it is running, even if there is no active user.

Compatible with All Biometric Types

BioAffix OneServer can perform actively with all known biometric technologies such as palm vein, face recognition, and fingerprint existing in your organization.

API Management

You can use and manage all the features of BioAffix OneServer on the web and desktop thanks to its web service API support.

Wiegand Management

BioAffix OneServer can communicate with other access control devices thanks to its Wiegand Management feature. In this way, you can use BioAffix OneServer without altering your existing infrastructure.

Flexible Integration Capability

You can seamlessly integrate BioAffix OneServer, thanks to its enhanced integration capabilities, into fire and emergency alarm systems. Additionally, it operates smoothly with video management systems designed for high-security purposes.

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