Access Control Capabilities of BioAffix® Management

User-Specific Time Management

You can define specific time intervals for all the users working in your organization. Therefore, user cannot perform access processes between the departments outside the authorization period.

Remote Device Management

You can control all BioAffix product family in your organization, and display malfunction and status information of the device through BioAffix Management without leaving your place.

Detailed User Grouping

You can create small user groups in which you can assign authorization through BioAffix Management. In this way, you can have the right to comment on the authorization of multiple users by performing the access and device utilization authorizations on a group basis.

Area Management Feature

You can create logical zones and validation points for these zones through BioAffix Management in accordance with structure plan of your organization. In this way, you can control the access processes of units or crowded working environments by throwing BioAffix products to the relevant zones. 

Malfunction Track Feature

You can view all the failure loggings created by all devices connected to BioAffix Management. You can list malfunctions via any special filters you will create.

Discover the Integration Capabilities of BioAffix Management

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