BioAffix leading the sector with its patented technologies and unique inventions, has triggered the trademark registration processes in the international occupations domain toward its export aims. In this regard, the trademark BioAffix has been registered in the countries of the European Union.

BioAffix is taking steps to establish the legal infrastructure for commercial relations such as exportation, technology partnerships, and production partnerships with many countries, primarily EU countries and the USA, in collaboration with globally recognized certification organizations. Through its useful models and new inventions, BioAffix has caught the attention of world technology giants and is reinforcing its export success in the global market through trademark registration processes.

BioAffix successfully registered its brand value in Europe through WIPO after a multi-stage examination following the evaluation of the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). Thus, following its registration by the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office in 2014, the name BioAffix has now been registered within the borders of Europe, gaining validity in 27 European countries.

Why International Trade Registration Is Important?

International trademark registration allows commercial activities carried out in the context of international laws to gain flexibility in areas such as security, taxation, and competition.

International trademark registration enables your trademark to be legally protected in other countries and hinders other companies from using or mimicking your trademark. It increases the recognition and reliability of your trademark in the global market. It creates credibility in the customer and work partner domain. International trademark registration helps organizations aiming to be active in the global market to have a better position through competitive advantages. On the other hand, it creates a strong base for enlarging your trademark and being in the new markets. Besides, it becomes a factor in increasing your trademark’s charm.

The Importance of Registration for Brand Value and Reliability

A registered trademark brings an important advantage in the processes of licensing and franchising. It enables your trademark to be used by other companies. Moreover, a protection precaution is applied against possible legal controversy through international trademark registration. Thus, international trademark registration prevents long and costly legal processes from fraying out the brand value.

Namely, international trademark registration is strategically important for companies desiring to participate in the global market. BioAffix conducts its activities in the global market, especially in Europe and the USA, adhering to international trade laws. This approach is a result of its strategy, aligned with BioAffix's goals to increase its projected export share in the coming years.

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