BioAffix Gate Vision ile Isaf 2021 Fuarı'na katılım sağladı.

BioAffix Gate Vision, a 3D Touchless Face Recognition Device developed jointly by ASELSAN-UGES and BioAffix has been introduced at the 25th ISAF International Security Systems, Services, and Equipment Fair held between 14-17 October, 2021.

The ISAF Fair, which was held in Ankara for the first time in 2000, opened its doors to visitors for the 25th time. Expert companies in the security and information sector attended the fair organized at the İstanbul Expo Center this year. BioAffix introduced its new product, BioAffix Gate Vision with 3D face recognition technology as well as other BioAffix product family devices under the roof of Aselsan in the fair.

Gate Vision, a New Member of BioAffix Family has been Introduced to the Visitors

Following two-years R&D activities, BioAffix Gate Vision, a 3D Touchless Face Recognition Device was exhibited for the first time at the ISAF fair. This device can perform face recognition in less than a second thanks to the advanced camera with an angle of 78 degrees on it, and it can also make verifications easily even in dark environments through its 3D sensors.

Face Recognition and Card Reader in the Same Device

BioAffix Gate Vision, with the ability of reading almost all high and low frequency cards through the card reader module on it, was produced as an advanced biometric verification device combining the properties of 3D face recognition and card reading features on a single device. BioAffix Gate Vision offers the possibility of fast and secure verification thanks to its depth sensing-based camera. BioAffix Gate Vision, which can work conveniently in both indoor and outdoor environments, offers fast, secure, and touchless verification.

BioAffix has Become the Name of Local Production in Access Control Technology

BioAffix devices, which were exhibited to users under the roof of Aselsan, offers the requirements of access control security and biometric verification systems utilizing completely local facilities to users with high security. BioAffix family product devices which can easily be integrated into existing systems thanks to their easy integration capability, offer complete security at critical points.

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