Guvenliğe bakış açınızı OSDP V2 ile değiştirin

OSDP V2, a security standard in access control systems, is now being utilized in all BioAffix devices. Thanks to OSDP V2 running with an AES-128 encryption infrastructure with a symmetrical key providing high security, all attack attempts against traditional communication protocols such as Wiegand become unsuccessful.

OSDP V2, a bidirectional communication protocol, utilizes RS-485 communication infrastructure. This bidirectional protocol provides a smart and secure communication infrastructure between the card reading devices and control panels. The system prevents sabotages against the lines through the packages continuously sent to the system on the lines containing devices operating with OSDP infrastructure. If any interference with the device on the line exists or any device deactivates, this device is dropped out of the line and other devices continue to operate actively. Thanks to this feature which is different from traditional Wiegand communication infrastructure, the system is protected against all attacks that may be caused by outer sources such as short-cut, listening to the device, and changing the device.

Low Price and High Security

Installation, operation, and cabling costs of the OSDP protocol are much lower with respect to the Wiegand protocol. You can address up to 32 pieces of BioAffix devices thanks to the OSDP protocol enabling digital communication probability through cabling up to 1,200 m. Besides, smart card technologies providing high security can easily be utilized. Thanks to the features offered by the protocol, much more enhanced infrastructure developments can be performed in the devices operating with OSDP infrastructure. OSDP is a critical protocol, especially for the development and utilization of biometric access control devices such as BioAffix Gate Extreme equipped with high-security features. BioAffix Gate Extreme gibi yüksek güvenlik özellikleri ile donatılmış biyometrik geçiş kontrol cihazlarının geliştirilmesi ve kullanılması için OSDP vazgeçilmez bir protokoldür.

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