Gelişmiş güvenlik protokollerine sahip BioAffix Gate Handheld üretildi

BioAffix Gate Handheld, the newest member of BioAffix biometric identity verification product family, has been manufactured. The latest product of Gate family enables you to perform your identity verification processes uninterruptedly through its portable touchless card reader and 4G and/or wireless connection where local connection is not available.

BioAffix Gate Handheld has been developed for utilization in access monitoring performed in construction sites where the number of employees is high, in places where network access is not possible, in military working conditions or personnel shuttles.

Card Reader in ISO/IEC 14443 and ISO 15693 Standards

BioAffix Gate Handheld cand read cards in MIFARE, ISO/IEC 14443 and ISO 15693 standards successfully thanks to Android operating system and internal NFC (Near Field Communication) module. Gate Handheld, with the ability of storing user information in its internal memory in an encrypted way, enables online and offline verification.

Enhanced Security Features

Data traffic framed with MUL-SEC double-layered SSL technology developed by Ones Technology is provided by double-layered security infrastructure. Thus, verification processes are performed without sacrificing security under any circumstances. BioAffix Gate Handheld can be integrated into existing infrastructures smoothly through API support along with all software of BioAffix product family thanks to its fast and easy integration capability.

Another feature of BioAffix Gate Handheld is internal SAM (Secure Access Module) integration which provides NATO-level security. Thus, you can take the security and cryptography capabilities of your device to a much higher level through the SAM card used in Gate Handheld.

You can visit the website of the product for getting more information about BioAffix Gate Handheld. ürünün web sayfasını ziyaret edebilirsiniz.

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