BioAffix Secure IO V3 geliştirildi

BioAffix Secure I/O V3, the latest version of BioAffix® Secure I/O, a secure communication module that can control all your access control and peripheral devices thanks to its 8 input and 8 output I/O module has been developed. It is possible to separate the power sources of the devices connected to an unsafe environment from the power sources of the devices in a safe environment through the dual power supply placed on the Secure I/O V3 with the ability of controlling alarms, magnetic locks, buttons, turnstiles, doors, cabinets, monitoring contacts and sensors. In this way, the system protects itself against short circuits and sabotages arising from the devices in the unsafe environment.

Communication between BioAffix Secure I/O V3 and BioAffix Gate devices always occurs over an encrypted communication protocol. Thanks to the encrypted communication protocol of BioAffix Secure I/O V3, it is protected against attacks such as the alteration of a device communicating with it, sniffing or man-in-the-middle.

You can easily configure all inputs and outputs of the BioAffix Secure I/O V3 device with the “Activity Workflow Management Module” placed on the central management application BioAffix Management. Thus, you can easily manage remotely all devices connected to BioAffix Secure I/O V3.

For more information about BioAffix Secure I/O V3, please visit the product page.

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