BioAffix Gate Force Mini geliştirildi

BioAffix Gate Force Mini, the new version of BioAffix Gate Force, which is the world’s first and only verification device operating through palm vein, face recognition, fingerprint, iris-retina scanning and other sensors as well as touchless smart card technology, has been developed.

The understanding of security is reshaping thanks to BioAffix Gate Force Mini taking an active role for secure print solutions, turnstiles, data centers and cabinets, and access control systems.

BioAffix Gate Force Mini providing high performance in all biometric sensors thanks to its 4-core 2.4 GHz processor and high RAM capacity, will show itself with two different versions. The USB-supported model allows the connection of up to 6 USB-connected biometric and card reader devices through its internal 6 pieces of USB. The OSDP supported model provides 5 independent channel OSDP support thanks to the RS485 connections on it. In addition, BioAffix Gate Force Mini can accommodate unlimited number of user and log records thanks to its extremely large storage area and be integrated with all other products of BioAffix product family, seamlessly.

Advanced Integration Capabilities

Thanks to Wiegand support used in traditional infrastructures and OSDP support equipped with advanced features, it can easily be integrated into previous and latest access control systems.

You can control all devices including lights, doors, alarms, locks, cameras, cases and fire systems from one center by integrating BioAffix Gate Force Mini with BioAffix® Secure I/O in order to manage peripheral electronic devices through its maximum 128 inputs and outputs. BioAffix Gate Force Mini has modules and central management features that you can activate or deactivate according to your requests. In this way, it offers a solution with central management features meeting all your requirements.

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