BioAffix Isaf Exclusive 2022 Fuarına katıldı.

ISAF Exclusive Fair and Conference, considered as golden meeting of the security sector and held for the fifth time this year, was completed with the participation of many visitors from the public and private sectors.

BioAffix attended the ISAF Exclusive 2022 fair, the biggest and most prestigious meeting of the security industry and held at Ankara Sheraton Ankara Hotel & Convention Center, with its their product family devices. Participation in the fair, held for the fifth time this year, was quite high due to the rule bending of pandemic.

A large number of representatives from different sectors attended the fair, where police force officials, members of the Turkish Armed Forces and employees of private institutions participated. BioAffix exhibited BioAffix product family devices under the roof of Aselsan at the fair themed “Smart systems for security and homeland security”

BioAffix Gate Vision is at the Forefront

BioAffix Gate Vision identity verification device, the details of which were presented in the first quarter of 2021, was one of the outstanding devices of the fair with its 3D camera. BioAffix Gate Vision aims to offer a comprehensive security solution to its users through its card reader along with its biometric verification feature, followed with interest by the representatives of public institutions.

BioAffix Gate Power shows itself to the visitors with its renewed face

BioAffix Gate Power, the first version of which was developed in 2019, was exhibited for the first time at this fair with its renewed face for access control and security solutions. BioAffix Gate Power, designed using new components after 1.5 years R&D processes, offers the opportunity to operate 16 card readers. The possibility of sabotage against connected access control devices becomes impossible through BioAffix Power Distributor existing in BioAffix Gate Power.

“Our Advanced Hardware Create the Difference”

Güçlühan Kuzyaka, R&D Manager of BioAffix, made evaluations about the fair and stated that they can compete with many access control solutions worldwide through new hardware developed by BioAffix and added: “Our aim is always to create the difference in the sector. Within this frame, we are working very hard to do what has not been done yet and to provide benefits together with all our colleagues at BioAffix. We are receiving a recompense for our work with our successful R&D projects, and we are very proud to exhibit our products in fairs such as ISAF Exclusive. In 2021, we were deemed worthy of the R&D award of the year at the “ASO (Ankara Chamber of Industry) 58th Year Awards” given by Ankara Chamber of Industry. This award made us really excited. Now, I can say that I have no doubt that we can create the security solutions of the future as I see the great interest in BioAffix products at this fair. I believe that BioAffix products will create more differences in the sector each day.”

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