Gate ailesinin yeni üyesi BioAffix Gate Power V2

BioAffix Gate Power V2, a new member of the BioAffix Gate product family, has been developed following 1 year of R&D. Power V2 containing BioAffix Secure I/O Plus, BioAffix Secure I/O Plus Terminal, BioAffix Secure I/O Distributor, and BioAffix Gate Force Mini was designed to manage the multiple numbers of doors and door magnetic locks in large areas.

BioAffix Gate Power V2 with its 16 inputs and 32 outputs can fully manage 16 doors together with their buttons, locks, and door monitoring walls. In case any hardware of the BioAffix Gate Power V2 has fallen off, devices on other channels can keep running without affecting thanks to the internal short-circuit protection system of the BioAffix Gate Power V2. Besides, the device is provided to run reliably by keeping the temperature of the device at an optimum level thanks to a thermostat and a ventilator inside the device.

Advanced OSDP Distributor

Thanks to the BioAffix Secure I/O Terminal device inside the Power V2, an access control system with OSDP infrastructure can easily be integrated into the Power V2 system. Its 32 pieces of RS485 serial port connection infrastructure decrease the installation and mounting costs and ensure the energy and data transfer of the peripheral devices to which it is connected from a single point.

Secure Input / Output Module

BioAffix Secure I/O Plus, developed for numerous verification points, meets the input/output requirements in the fields where multiple numbers of verification are needed thanks to the input/output ports on it. Thanks to the encrypted communication infrastructure, it is protected against removing and replacing the device, listening to communication by external devices, and other attacks. Besides, it can easily be mounted in cabinets of 1U height thanks to the DIN ray connection. It can be integrated into fire and sabotage alerts and building automation.

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