Bağlantı klemensleri ve güç giriş kısmı gözüken bağımsız güç donanımı BioAffix® Secure I/O Distributor cihazının üst yan görüntüsü

Secure I/O Plus Distributor
Bağımsız Güç Dağıtım Donanımı

Discover the features of BioAffix Secure I/O Distributor, an independent power distribution hardware, developed for preventing the sabotages of access control and security systems by short-circuit.

Make The Power Management Independent

BioAffix Secure I/O Distributor can have up to 20 pieces of output thanks to its independent electronic fuse box structure. Short-circuit that might occur at any line do not affect other devices thanks to the independent outputs of the Distributor device.

Sabotage Preventer

Thanks to its independent fuse boxes, it provides other devices to operate securely by dropping the sabotaged device from the line.

External Power Source Connection

Thanks to its external power connection, BioAffix Secure I/O Distributor continues to operate using a second source/power supply even if the grid connection is off.

Smart Fuse Box

In case of an electrical problem originating from any endpoint, the other lines continue to work.

DIN Ray Connection

You can place the BioAffix Secure I/O Distributor device in any desired field according to your aim of use thanks to the DIN ray connection point.

DIN montaj rayına bağlanmış bağımsız güç donanımı BioAffix Secure I/O Plus 422

LED Indicators

You can observe all the situations of the connected lines at one time thanks to the LED indicators existing on the BioAffix Secure I/O Distributor.

Bağımsız güç donanımı BioAffix® Secure I/O Distributor cihazının üstten görünümü

High Ampere Power Outputs

You can securely provide the power management of multiple devices thanks to 20 pieces of high ampere power outputs existing on BioAffix Secure I/O Distributor.

Geçiş kontrol ve güvenlik sistemlerinin sabote edilmesini önleyen bağımsız güç donanımı BioAffix® Secure I/O Distributor cihazının kesit görüntüsü

Discover the Technical Features of BioAffix Secure I/O Distributor

Take a closer look at its technical features giving high efficiency.

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